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Benefits of Glassware

Juicing just got a lot happier for us. Because we are now completely eco-friendly with our bottles. Our old bottles were glass and they were great too. However, the caps had plastic, which is a huge turnoff for us earth loving folks😒. But now we finally received our shipment of our new bottles. They are premium glass, have our logo on the front, and the caps are recyclable and NOT plastic. Clients gave affectionate feedback for our new bottles that resemble actual potion bottles. I want my clients, who are like my closest friends, to feel the love and magic that I put into these nutritious creations. So why should we care about these new bottles? What are the benefits? Well...

Glass is completely recyclable.

Glass is non-toxic to you and to our environment.

Glass is corrosion resistant. So you don’t have to worry about rust or any other nasty guck, comes right off!

The use of glass contributes to mitigating climate change.

Glass usage saves natural resources as well.

Glass safely preserves product taste & the natural properties.

Glass is the only FDA approved packaging classified as “safe”.

Glass has a zero rate of chemical reaction. Most importantly, we are creating zero waste and reducing our carbon footprint like good conscious human beings! You should be really proud and celebrating yourself! I love you all. Peace and unconditional love always ❤️🌈

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